Friday, August 30, 2013

Grand Canyon

Extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon. Although the weather was colder than what we expected it to be, it was still a very enjoyable trip and extremely eye-opening. Nature has its own amazing way around creations as such, with time molding the Grand Canyon into what it is today. 

Wearing: Disneyland Buzz Lightyear t-shirt; Topman Limited Bird Jean Shirt; Free People Shorts, Timberland Boat shoes; Zara Handbag

Casual outfit for a not-so-casual day of visiting one of the world's seven wonders. The Buzz Lightyear T-shirt was apparently too cute to stop me from buying it even if it only came in boy sizes. Bought a size L which seems to be just right! Did I mention how comfortable my shoes were??? However, they got really dusty while we visited the Grand Canyon. But it's nothing a wet wipe can't fix! 

I will definitely return, Grand Canyon. With my boyfriend, or my friends, or my family. And on the second trip, I am sure it will be equally worthwhile.  


On a completely irrelevant note, I have just started up this blog so kindly forgive me for any mistakes you might see and any form of constructive criticism is strongly welcomed! Thank you for reading and I hope you find this space interesting enough to stick around!!!



Hello everybody!

The blog is finally done, after quite a long while! Welcome to cutheties!

I got really inspired a while ago, and decided that I wanted to start up a fashion, food, and travel blog/diary. While it was not a difficult choice to make (I wanted to do this, particularly because of some fashion bloggers whom I love - lusttforlife, paledivision, jesslovesfred), I think it might be a difficult decision to keep. I will definitely do my best to keep this space running as regularly as possible.

I wanted a blog I would really commit to, something drastically different from my previous blog (which I did not delete and might still post at), mynameiscand. Mynameiscand is more like a lifestyle blog, where I talk (and whine) about everything, from food to my inspirations to my holidays etc. Basically, it was a space where I talked about anything I wanted to talk about.

Cutheties is going to be much more focused than mynameiscand. I intend for the blog to be fashion oriented, focusing on lookbook posts, my inspirations, favorite items of the month, etc. However, since I do love travel and I do love food, I will also be blogging about my travels as well as my food, but more minimally.

Where did the name cutheties come from, and what does it mean? It is actually part of a lyric from a song - If You See Kay, by an Irish band, The Script.

"She said that she was born to leave this town behind 
Knew the truth but still she looked me in the eyes and lied 
Saying it's time to cut the ties
Time to say goodbye, so she left
But she never never left my, never never left my mind"

It doesn't have any particular meaning to me, I just really liked it after coming across that phrases, and it kind of stuck with me after that. It is my current username for my  twitter, instagram, lookbook, etc. Also, I eliminated the extra 't' so instead of cuttheties, I decided on cutheties, because I thought it looked better with a single 't'.

I just finished introducing my blog, but I haven't quite introduced myself. So, hi! I am Candice Chin, a 20 (21 in October 2013) year old Singaporean. I am currently majoring in Economics at the University of Victoria in Victoria, BC, Canada. Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I were studying in Vancouver (a ferry ride away from Victoria) instead. I was born in Indonesia, but was 100% bred in Singapore, where I will always call home. I love fashion, food, and traveling (if you don't already know). My favorite colors are yellow and turquoise. I do not fancy the color pink. I have a big shopping problem - especially when it comes to shoes and bags. Would like a cotton candy machine. Am a major idiot when it comes to directions (thank goodness for google maps and GPS). I am very grateful and appreciative for my family, boyfriend, and friends. My goal in life is to be a traveller, and to find a career that I would enjoy.

My first post introducing the blog was extremely long, thank you for sticking around and reading it. The next post will be more pictures and less talking, promise! I hope you like the blog so far and will be back soon!


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

/ Editing


In the process of editing this space.

C'yall in a bit!