Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas & Boxing Day 2014

Pictures taken at Capilano Suspension Bridge park, with the exception of the snowflake, which was taken at the Trinity Street's Christmas Lights Festival. If you look carefully, you'll always find amazing lights display in Vancouver - somewhere!

This year's Christmas and Boxing Day definitely felt different from past years. The Christmas dinner was fantastic but everything else was not really at where I wished it was. Everyone had magical Christmases but my Christmas (the whole period) had left me feeling quite lonely, to be honest. 

I'm not where I wished I were at, I wish that ALL the people I love were here with me, and I'm missing someone whom I thought would always be here with me. 

Nevertheless, I'm more than grateful for everything I have received this year. May 2015 be an even greater year ahead! 


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Warm Hands, Cold Heart

Christmas is almost here!

Currently playing: Santa, Tell Me - Ariana Grande

Saturday, December 13, 2014

December 2014

Here's the Christmas tree uptown looking extremely gorgeous! I love Christmas - the season, the spirit of giving, the festivities. I just wished I were back home where my family and friends are, and where the weather is a ridiculous 30 degrees C. 

Here's what my friends and I had for dinner last weekend! This is making me hungry...

My new boots from Zara! For the longest time ever, I have been dreaming about a good smooth leather, pointed booties of a reasonable height. When I found them on Zara, they were $160 - which was a reasonable price for a pair of leather booties. However, I was still quite reluctant to part with $160 (before taxes) and decided to wait! Then Black Friday came, and they were 30% off. Guess what? They're mine now! Muahahahaha

My life has been pretty boring - work, home, repeat. Work has kept me busy, and I'm learning a lot more than I thought I would be learning. That is great, and I can't believe that I'm almost done with one work term! Time flies by so damn quickly. It's already December and I can't remember how my 2014 passed by. I rediscovered being a dreamer, and have been day dreaming a lot recently. Possibly Europe with my favourite couple (always third wheeling......sigh), family trip to Japan, road tripping in Canada with the ggfs, and maybe even Bali. Fingers crossed, saving money, and anticipating that the best has yet to come (and will come). I embrace the good times, and will learn from the bad. 

Here's to an even better 2015! 


Friday, December 12, 2014

New Plans

These couple of days, my skin has been uber sensitive. It probably is because of the extremely dry weather coupled with the fact that I have been stuffing myself silly with chocolates and bad food.

I've not had chips in half a year now because I know that they are extremely unhealthy. However, recently I have just seem to have found comfort in chips and chocolates and I have been consuming a considerable amount of both. Also, I am extremely lazy when it comes to making dinner so I just make myself a bowl of ramen. SIGH this is what happens when you are tired AND hungry after a long day of work. Obviously, this is horrible and it has GOT to stop. Today is my last day eating chips (not ramen though), and I'm excited for a healthier diet.

I'm going to limit my ramen intake to one packet in 2 weeks. I'm also going to load up on my fruits and veggies. Tons of tea and water. Sleeping early and a good skincare routine will also help. My moisturiser is almost finished, and I got a new bottle on its way from Sephora! I have been trying out a lot of different facial moisturisers and I'm kinda glad I finished mine so I get to try more! I know I sound absolutely ridiculous, but I absolutely can't wait to try that one out!

Here's to starting 2015 the right way!


Monday, December 8, 2014

Tumblr Inspiration

It's a rainy and cosy night in Victoria, and it would be perfect if I made myself that cup of tea. Here is a reminder that although it might look like a mess, the world out there is beautiful.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Night and Day

We were like day and night.

Our differences were not simple, and we were almost polar opposites. Many people tell me that opposites attract, and I believed in that too. We both made changes and tried to accommodate each other in hopes that we would better complement each other. But each change only invited more unhappiness, and it seemed almost unfair that one of us had to change for the other. We were not truly happy when we were together, and the distance between us certainly did not help. Although opposites attract, I wonder if we were too different, and if, maybe, our differences cannot co-exist.

Although I hoped that courage would find us back together again, but the truth is, we were like the sun and moon. Or noise and silence. You were like day, and I was like night. And to be with you, the night had to pass.