Friday, August 30, 2013

Grand Canyon

Extremely lucky to have been given the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon. Although the weather was colder than what we expected it to be, it was still a very enjoyable trip and extremely eye-opening. Nature has its own amazing way around creations as such, with time molding the Grand Canyon into what it is today. 

Wearing: Disneyland Buzz Lightyear t-shirt; Topman Limited Bird Jean Shirt; Free People Shorts, Timberland Boat shoes; Zara Handbag

Casual outfit for a not-so-casual day of visiting one of the world's seven wonders. The Buzz Lightyear T-shirt was apparently too cute to stop me from buying it even if it only came in boy sizes. Bought a size L which seems to be just right! Did I mention how comfortable my shoes were??? However, they got really dusty while we visited the Grand Canyon. But it's nothing a wet wipe can't fix! 

I will definitely return, Grand Canyon. With my boyfriend, or my friends, or my family. And on the second trip, I am sure it will be equally worthwhile.  


On a completely irrelevant note, I have just started up this blog so kindly forgive me for any mistakes you might see and any form of constructive criticism is strongly welcomed! Thank you for reading and I hope you find this space interesting enough to stick around!!!


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