Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cand goes to Korea 2015: Day 4. Seoul - Garosugil, Hangang

For our first day in Seoul, we met with Jin!!! She was a darling and got us some delivery! You know how we all watch so many K dramas and we always see them ordering Jjajangmyun (Black Bean noodles)... Since we were in Korea, WE DID. YUM!!! Finally had the real thing and it did not disappoint! Happy!!! (I'm very simple, food makes me happy!!! HEHEHE)

We got this special thing which had half Jjajangmyun and half jampong (Spicy seafood soup)! We also ordered sweet and spicy (fried pork)! The shop gave us some gyozas for free! YAY :) What's better than yummy food?? FREE FOOD!

Hi I'm pretending to use my phone for this picture... Sup.

Our station - Sinsa! Seoul's subway is very extensive, so going anywhere is very convenient!!! 

We just walked through the Sinsa underpass and we went to Garosugil! No pictures because it was drizzling... But pictures with the bear from the LINE application! SO CUTE!!!

We walked around, then ended up going back before heading to Hangang! 

In the following photoset, you can totally tell we have been living together for two years now. Our coordination is the best! LOLOL! 

(Scary) KISSES?!?

Whatcha looking at???

We are quite wonderfully coordinated! LOLOL

I LOVE MY ROOMIE. HI JIN I LOVE YOU!!! You da best!!!!!

And that concludes our first day in Seoul! 


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