Monday, September 28, 2015

New School Term!!


As usual, this space has been extremely neglected...

I'm currently back in UVic now, for my last two semesters!!! YAS! That means that I will be graduating next upcoming summer! Right now, I just can't wait! I really want to finish school soon and finally get to work so I don't have to be so dependent on my parents anymore. I know I will regret saying this later... It's really a bitter-sweet feeling.

Right now, the only plans I have for myself are travel plans and I really hope I get to see Europe once more before I start working. And maybe Korea, again. And Aussie + NZ! I always have lots of ideas but they never come to reality... So many things I want to do before I graduate and I know these are things I probably won't be able to do when I start working.

Wish me luck!


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