Thursday, October 29, 2015


Here are my ramblings on - 

1. The Upcoming Winter Holidays: 
Since I end my exams super early this year, I was thinking if I should visit LA... But I really want to make London 2016 happen, so maybe I should save up the money instead. IDK!!! If I don't go I'll have a loooooong 3 weeks break, and I was thinking maybe I would go skiing somewhere near by instead, but hmm, skiing is expensive too. Besides, thanks to the El Nino effect this year, we don't know if the snow will be good... Fingers crossed for now! 

2. "I-really-want-to-spend-money-on-something-expensive": 
Recently, I've been really superficial and there are a lot of days where I just REALLY want to buy something expensive. So, I go onto shopping sites and just browse and browse for hours. There are so many things I cannot afford that I want - a Sophie Hulme mini box bag (with the "wish you were here" keyring!!!), the structured Fendi monster tote, the all white Saint Laurent sneakers, Kenzo sneakers - you get the drift. Eventually, I close the browsers because, quite unfortunately, I'm a broke bitch... Obviously, I can't afford to spend all that money all at once. 

It gets really hard in a society that places so much emphasis on materialism to stay focused and think of long term goals like saving to buy a house, or a car, for example. Maybe even to save up to go to Europe for my graduation trip. You get so many bloggers posting expensive things they bought (or were gifted), and they make me really want those products. But ultimately, it obviously boils down to whether I have the willpower (and obviously, the lack of the dolla-dolla-bills$ss$) to not buy that bag. 

3. Am currently repeating Adele's "Hello":
DAMN, her songs are sooo good!!! I've been hooked since it came out! My friends might be getting a little annoyed with me singing along to it LOL!!! My obsession with the song is quite atrocious!

4. ECON 454 - Theory of Corporate Finance:
It's almost 1am and I still have not started on studying for my dearest ECON 454... My most difficult course yet. Hmmmmm my only motivation is so that when my prof asks questions, I don't sound dumb! LOL!!! And also, I don't want to be THAT student who didn't do her homework. Since I sit in front, he asks me almost every time he allocates 'homework'. Omg, I'm gonna sound so dumb tmr... Better get studying now. Wish me luck!!!


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