Friday, October 7, 2016

Cand goes to Butchart Gardens, Victoria


So I'm finally here to upload another post! This one is on another place we visited before we left for the huge Eastern CA/USA trip! I went with my mama and aunt to The Butchart Gardens in Victoria, B.C. I did not think that it would be possible for us to spend the whole day there, but guess what we did! My mom and aunt loves flowers, so you can be assured that they had a whale of a time!

There's not much to talk about, so we'll dive right into the photos! 

At the entrance of The Butchart Gardens with Mama!

A selfie of the 3 of us!

Idk what this well was supposed to represent LOL!

I went a little crazy with the "floral bins"! Hahahahahah They're the prettiest bins EVER!! 

More bins LOL!

Acting pretty.

Acting cute.

A selfie with my hair covering half of my face. Good job me. 

Kisses for mama!

My mommy trespassed for this photo... Oh dear, sorry gardeners at The Butchart Gardens. At least we had a nice photo?? Hahahahha #oops

We sat on a rock for this. But no trespassing, I promise. 

A gorgeous view of the gardens (and some tourists).

Big smiles for flowers!!!

I'm part human, part koala when I'm with my mom. 

I'm not in the centre and that bothers me (slightly)!!

We had high tea there! Yummmz but it was a little underwhelming... You'd expect a slightly fancier high tea food set since you were in THE Butchart Gardens (which had 100 years of history - LOL I totally took this info from the very first picture). It was yummy though. Yes, I do realize that I'm bad at food reviews.

More poses with the flowers for mama. 

We took a boat ride since it was complementary on Victoria Day (aka the day we were there). 

My camera sucks... You're supposed to be able to see the waters through that. 

And then we rushed off to the ferries because it was CRAZY packed, and even though we left at 4++, we only managed to get on the 8pm ferry! It was pretty crazy... Usually it's not that long of a wait, and we missed dinner downtown because we had to rush to the ferries (they were maxed out on their reservations). 

Ok see you next post! (Hopefully soon, but who knows when)

XX, Cand

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