Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Keeping Sane

Finally understood the whole retail therapy thing. I don't know why I have never seemed to understand it when my friends told me they want to go shopping after a major exam. I always thought it was just a shopping trip after the exams because we all want to dress up and wear new clothes. This term however, has brought a new light to this whole therapy thing. Shopping has helped me keep sane from all the madness school has brought about.

My Madness:

Specifically, awkward group discussions, annoying classmates, and overwhelming midterms. This term has had its ups and downs. Well, here are the downs. I had two rounds of midterms, the first round involved 3 midterms consecutively (day after day), and the second had me doing 2 midterms in 3 days. I don't even remember how many sleepless nights there were. Did I also mention how this term, I have had tons of encounters with rude+selfish classmates, and am also in a Co-op class with the most unhappy teacher ever (not that she's not helpful, just unhappy)?

This shit totally classifies under #firstworldproblems, so here's showing my appreciation for the other easily-overlooked things in life to draw a better balance between my appreciation and my complains:

While school has been pretty crazy, this is also the first term I am living off campus with a roommate! And I promise the nicest thing that can happen to an international student like myself is finding the perfect place, at an extremely reasonable price, and staying with the sweetest roommate ever. Cooking your own food, taking naps whenever you want, and most importantly, not getting bothered by drunk kids. Not mentioning I have the nicest landlords ever! Also, I have been finding out a lot more about my little island Victoria! It's little cute cafes, and amazing beaches. Yes, yes... This is me showing off, so, BE JEALOUS.

View my Instagram for pictures!!!

Anyway back to topic, here is my solution to the madness:

After my first round of midterms, I bought myself my first pair of Rag & Bones which were on sale (score!!!). On a separate occasion, I bought myself my next pair of Rag & Bones (obviously on sale too), and two Wilfred slip tops! I'm so cheap, everything I have mentioned was on sale. And after my second round of midterms to which I just received my results (I did not too bad, thank you for asking), I decided to reward myself by ordering some Zara goodness online. I also bought a pineapple skirt (yeah, on sale too).

Zara can do no wrong. Neither can pineapple skirts.

Now, I might be broke, but at least I look sassy broke.

And so, shopping is how I keep sane my friends.


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