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Cand goes to Penang July 2015

I visited Penang, Malaysia last July 2015 with a couple of friends. It was mostly a foodie trip! I remember debating for a bit before deciding to go because I had already been on a couple of trip and I was a little broke by this time. But since Penang was near by and relatively cheap, plus there was free accommodation so I decided that I should go. YOLO right? Lol...

This trip was a while ago, and for some reason, I don't have all the pictures and can't remember all the details. So this post will be shorter and definitely less detailed than my posts on Korea and Hong Kong! 

Day 1: SIN-PEN, Best Supper EVER!

Arrival in Penang.

And this was the view from our friend's apartment!

I remember having curry mee in the middle of the day but I have no pictures!!! :( Anyway, we went to a grocery store/mall too, but no pictures there. I ain't even sure if I'm remembering this right... Anyway, we ended our day with supper! This is THE BEST thing ever! It's called Penang Hokkien Mee. I have to thank my friend for driving us around too because I would not have been able to locate this place...

And just like that, we ended our food adventure - day 1!

Day 2: BKT, Penang Hill

We had a different style Ba Ku Teh (Herbal pork thing?) before heading to Penang Hill.

We took a tram up Penang Hill and it kinda reminded me of Hong Kong's The Peak! The views were obviously different but the tram ride felt kinda similar.

View from Penang Hill.

I don't really recall what we did the rest of the day! I think we had Chendol (a type of dessert), but again, no pictures!!! I am horrible at documenting stuff. LOL #oops

Day 3: George Town, Jetty, Sekeping Penang

On our 3rd day in Penang, we headed to George Town. P.s. It is a great place for posers like me! LOL!!! You'll see what I mean in a bit...

Rented this bicycle thing to get around on. 

Me + lil Claps

A posing opportunity!

Such a poser...

Posing again...

And yet again...

The street art around this area is super cute! 

We also went to the Jetty which was a walking distance from George Town. 

Posing at the Jetty this time...

After, we headed to Awesome Canteen for a Sekeping Penang experience. Such a hipster experience!!!

My friend is so rude... Tsk!!

IT WAS BLOODY HOT. I was sweating my ass off!!!

Hipster shot of some post cards a friend bought and our drink + the plant. Lol! 

Posing again. Hehe!

Yum yum yum!!! Penang Laksa!!! It is sour unlike the other types of laksas! Love it!!!!! I love sour stuff. I think at night the guys went out to party, and the rest went home early.

Day 4: Lok Lok, Shopping, Cafe

I think on day 4 we went to this night market place either before or after dinner. We had Lok Lok and I think it was early dinner because we had supper after... This is super street food. Just a table with a hole in the middle and you can pick and cook whatever you want! The worker then collects the sticks, counts and then you pay them. 

Had supper at a friend's friend's cafe. LOL! It was okay. I remember being really tired by this point. Lol! I think we might have went for prata or more food after... This trip was really just a food trip. hahahahah!

Day 5: PEN-SIN

Headed back to Singapore, so we didn't do much!

Breakfast at the cafe at the airport. I had Nasi Lemak! LOL aka the most asian looking thing on the table.

And that was the end of the Penang trip!!!! Such a short post right. Unfortunately, I wish it could be longer and more in-depth but I don't remember much details. I do remember being lazy and going to Starbucks to hang on one of the nights. LOL! I'm sure nobody wants to hear about that. Okay that's all folks! See you in the next post! Another short one - Cand goes to JB!!!

XX, Cand

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