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Cand goes to Hong Kong 2015: Part 3 (Day 6-7)


I'm FINALLY uploading the last part to my Hong Kong trip!!! I have been pretty busy since the last post. Had my finals, which went fine...BUT DAMN YOU ECON 351. The final was hard, I hope it doesn't pull down my overall GPA by too much. Anyway, it's over now and all I've been up to is packing, planning the Eastern USA/Canada trip, and MORE packing!

Before I continue ranting too much, I'll start with my Hong Kong Part 3 post!!!

Day 6: Food Hunting - Kam Wah Cafe (Bo Lo Bao - Pineapple Bun), Cold Noodles, Ladies Street (女人街), Pololi (Poke Bowl), Yat Lok Restaurant (Roast Goose)

Day 6 was pretty intense. By day 6, we were pretty much done with all the touristy stuff, and all we were left with was pretty much just a LONG list of food places we needed to visit. I don't think we managed to get to finish the list either... LOL! Anyway, I remember it being a fun relaxing day, just going around looking for food, and we also did some light shopping!

We started off our day with a delish breakfast (or brunch lol!). Bo Lo Baos (pineapple buns) and french toast!!!!

Pineapple bun with CHAR SIEW (bbq pork)! We got some plain ones too, but the one with Char Siew was better in my opinion. Hehehe

Next stop was the famous Cold Noodles! It became a big hit in Singapore and I just couldn't understand why everyone was raving about it!!! Obviously, that was until I tried it! It was pretty delicious! I think you could choose a type of noodles, then add a few toppings. The serving wasn't too big either, so even though we were kinda full from before, we could finish this pretty easily! Also, there wasn't any sitting area, it was more like a grab and go kinda "snack". 

We headed to 女人街 (Ladies Street) for a little shopping, but didn't really buy anything except a t-shirt, which all of us bought. You'll see us wearing this tee in the next post. LOL!

See, I was serious about the food hunting thing right? This is the 3rd place for the day! We went to Pololi for Poke bowls! Poke bowls are basically Chirashi dons but with a Hawaiian twist! I actually enjoyed it quite a bit, but compared to the other treats in Hong Kong it was pretty pricey!!! Nonetheless, it was yummy.

After this, we were still hungry! LOL So we headed to Yat Lok for roasted goose and barbecue pork! 

As I was saying, we went to Yat Lok Restaurant (一樂食館) for pork and goose! EVERYTHING HERE WAS SOOO GOOD, we went back twice in 3 days I think. Yeah, this was our second visit there! LOL hehehehehehe! The food was ALWAYS gone soooo fast once the plates reached our table. Zhen, Rongs, and I had to snatch some food before the guys start otherwise we would have too much rice and not enough meat. LOL!

Next was the very famous night street - Lan Kwai Fung(蘭桂坊)!

We were there toooo early! There was nothing much going on, and we just decided to get some drinks and drink at our place. Before we headed back, we had some desserts too I think, but I don't remember taking pictures... And that concluded our day!!!

Wenrong did a (not so) little cheeky Henna for my fat thigh hehe! I remember her doing this for the longest time I felt soooo bad! Sorry girl, but thanks for the SICK henna!!!! It was freaking awesome hehe!

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DAY 7: Dragon's Back Hike, Shek-O Beach, One Dim Sum (yeah, AGAIN)

I guess you can see, we kept returning to certain food places because they were just toooo good! We went to One Dim Sum, Australia Dairy Co, and Yat Lok TWICE this trip. LOL. We probably had too much time in Hong Kong to be going to food places twice. OR we just really liked the food... We also went to this breakfast place twice, and this chili paste thing was just AMAZING!

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures... And this other breakfast place we decided to try was just meh in comparison with the other one.

Breakfast at one of the stores near our airbnb in Wan Chai!

After filling up, we headed to a bus station to take the bus to the Dragon's Back. 

Here is us, before our hike up Dragon's Back! All looking kinda fresh hahahaha! It actually wasn't that bad of a hike, the bus takes you about half way up and the slopes aren't steep at all. The VIEWS were soooo good. I have probably mentioned this before already, but I love the views in Hong Kong so much! I love how you could see buildings and nature all at once. It's actually such an interesting contrast, and it kinda reminds me of the views in Vancouver too.

Let's let the pictures talk!!!

SEE WHAT I MEAN??? How does this look so nice?? IDK! I really don't understand!


My BBGs and I 

I love all these group shots!!! Thanks to the girls who helped us take them! The hike really wasn't hard at all, and that is coming from someone who is super unfit... LOL!

We are such posers... We have so many pictures of us trying to look bad ass but failing LOL. This picture, I guess it's not too bad. hahahah!

On our way down, we headed on a different path which led us to Shek-O Beach!

The sand was soft and all was good.... Just laid in the sun for a bit before heading off. 

TA DAH! Appearance of the t-shirt we bought the day before! HUAI REN (Bad person). Although in fine print, it says "wo bu shi..." (I'm not...). So here's us the posers at the Shek-O Beach! I bet the person taking the photo was like wtf why are they posing like this??

After this, we were hungry (duh, anyone would be LOL). So we went back to One Dim Sum! AGAIN! This time around, it was a way better experience than before. 

This Ma Lai Gao (Malay cake) deserves an award!!!! The best Malay cake EVER! IT was SOOOO soft, and bouncy, melts in your mouth. Zhen and I had one whole "basket" by ourselves hehehe! We thought we would order two servings but everyone else was full by the end, and they couldn't eat too much. Zhen and I were like, "...but this is the best part!!" And then we just ate this whole basket by ourselves even though we were sooooo full! That's how good it was! 

Fk we just look like spoiled brats who don't know how to smile at the cam LOL. I think the posing HAS GOT TO STOP.

Wenrong and I stopped posing... HAHAHAH! Cheeky!

Day 8: HKG-SIN

We went to buy egg tarts and went to the outlets before heading to the airport. Didn't snap pictures there though. We barely had enough time too...

Egg tarts at this famous place but it honestly wasn't THAT good...

Wearing the mask because I was catching a cold towards the end... ZZZ

And that concludes our Hong Kong 2015 trip!!!! It was really fun, and I enjoyed it a lot. I thought 7 days would be a few days too many, but I'm glad it was a long trip too because we could take our time. It was a really chill trip as well, so I really liked that! Hopefully more of my trips would be like this in future!

I'm not quite sure what the next blog post is going to be actually. I might blog about my Penang 2015 trip, or the LA 2015 trip. I hope I catch up on all my blogs before I go on my Eastern Canada/USA trip with my parents! I really want a new compact camera so I can take nice pictures, but I'm broke af. OH WELL!!! Before this becomes a ranty/naggy post, I better go! TILL THEN!!!!!!

XX, Cand

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