Monday, May 2, 2016

Cand goes to JB: Cafe Hopping Sept 2015

Some time in early September, just before I returned to Canada for my last year in university, I went to Johor Bahru in Malaysia with some of my good friends. I had actually never been to JB before (at least not that I remember), and this was my first time. I heard (good and bad) stories about the place before and was not quite sure what to expect. Luckily for me, my friends were very familiar with the place. It was a day trip dedicated to cafe hopping, so we went there early and hungry. 

We first made a stop at a cafe for brunch. For some reason, I didn't have pictures so... I don't know why!!!!!

Anyway, we headed to The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen for coffee and churros after brunch. The place was really bright and clean. It was pretty much the epitome of hipster cafes. LOL! I loved the churros here!

Our last cafe stop was Bev C. This is yet another hipster cafe in JB! I think that a lot of Singaporeans visit JB cafes now because it is cheaper, and also the cafes in JB are more creative. There is a huge variety of cafes specialising in different unique types of food and drinks. There are more interesting places that I haven't visited and would definitely love to visit!!!

Below Bev C's cafe, there is a clothing store, where their own line of apparel are sold. The pieces are very special and the price range is similar to that of Zara (SGD 60-100+). I bought a pair of asymmetrical pants and am still loving them after all this time!!

Waiting for food!

Coffee and tea in cubes!!! I loved the concept of pouring in the milk onto ice cubes! I preferred the iced tea in this case though, the coffee would be better as a wake-me-up in the morning rather than in the middle of the day! The mint ice cream cake is really good too. Not too sweet, so I really liked it!

Me being hipster. Hehe!

The workshop downstairs, where the clothes are designed!

After this, we went back to the shopping mall where Isabel got her nails done and we went for a foot massage. I rarely get foot massages because I am SO ticklish. Lol! But I did, and it was a nice experience.

After this we went to eat at a Korean restaurant and then we had ice cream at the fake Swensens. LOL! Then we went home and I remember getting scolded by my daddy because we got home pretty late. Okay, abrupt end to this post!!! Bye bye! Yay I'm finally almost all caught up with all my traveling blog posts. I need a camera... Any how, see you next post, Cand goes to LA - the full edition! 

XX, Cand


  1. The tea cubes look so cool!
    & LA post finally looool

    1. Yeah FINALLY!!! Hopefully I don't get too lazy hahahaha