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Cand goes to USA - Los Angeles: Part 1 (Day 1-3)


Since deciding to upload a complete blog post on my LA trip, here we are (after manyyyy months lol)! Also, after this post, I will be almost all caught up on all my travel posts. I would be left with my latest trip (Eastern Canada and USA). Any how... Here's the first part of my trip to Los Angeles.

DAY 1: YYJ-YYC-LAX, Commissary, Hollywood, In-N-Out

After the big ferry hoo-ha (all ferries to Vancouver was canceled, and I had to change my flights), I got on the plane at Victoria, transited at Calgary before finally arriving at Los Angeles, where I met Michelle. Thank goodness I found her because my phone was just NOT connecting to wifi at that time. LAX is a pretty confusing airport - there are no proper exit signs, and everything was just all over the place. ANYWAY, the point is, we were in Los Angeles and were ready to explore!!!

A view from our Airbnb. We stayed with a lovely lady, Bangja. She was so sweet and funny too! The room was just nice and was all we needed. In our neighbourhood, there was the Walt Disney Concert Hall (below), and a metro station. So traveling around LA was convenient - except for the first time where we went round and round. LOL My fault!!!

We headed to The Line Hotel's Commissary, where we went for late lunch. It was pretty bright when we left for brunch, but guess what?? Suay Cand is suay, so it started raining while we were eating at the Commissary. And guess who didn't bring umbrellas? Yep, us.

Food was good, but we kinda wished they would have clued us in on the portions. We didn't really know what to order - it was our first time! Everything on the menu sounded like they were a pretty sizeable amount of food, but the portions were pretty small. The scallops were freaking amazing thoooo!!!

We headed to Hollywood - Walk of Fame next. And as you can see from the next few pictures, it was raining pretty hard by then. Mich even got a new scarf from F21 to shelter herself from the rain. HAHAHA!

My childhood idols!!!

After walking around in the rain, we decided to head to In-N-Out for a late dinner. And obviously, it would stop raining after we sat down and started eating. BUT the burger did make up for it. Everything as really fresh - I probably could have gone for the double cheeseburger, but didn't. We kinda wished we knew more about the secret menus because I've been dying to try the animal fries!!! Oh well, the fries were still good!! I LOVE skinny fries - weird, I know, most people love thick, fat fries. We had milkshakes too! What I wouldn't give to have a bite of that burger right now LOL!

On our way back, we walked past the concert hall again. We never actually went in... LOL! The building had a really nice structure, so it was picture time. If it didn't look nice, I think we probably wouldn't have bothered at all. LOL!

And that was the end of day 1 in Los Angeles.

DAY 2: Larchmont Bungalow, LACMA, Santa Monica, Far Bar

We started day 2 at the Larchmont Bungalow for brunch. Mich found this place, and they served red & blue pancakes. Erm WHAT!!! And true enough, they did! Scroll down for pictures!

It was colder than it looks...

Besides the red & blue velvet pancakes, we also ordered a Lobster Cobb salad. Surprisingly, the salad was actually really good. I rarely eat salads, but oh boy, this baby was gooooood! The meat was aplenty, and the veges were fresh. The dressing was to my liking as well, so everything was pretty much perfect. If you get a chance, definitely try it out!

The pancakes tasted, like pancakes! They were paired with rich cream cheese, so after 2 halves, I was pretty much FULL. Keep in mind we had some salad too! 

We headed to LACMA Lights after. 

My new bff maybe?

I WAS FREEZING!!! It looked warm but it was so COLD. LA isn't usually like that, so we were a little bit disappointed since we wanted to get away from cold and rainy Vancouver...

Next up was Santa Monica Pier!!!!! I have only seen this place in pictures, and it was a real treat to have actually been there. I just wished I wasn't wearing my skirt at such a windy place! My huge blanket scarf invited a lot of attention that day. LOL!

There we go, my huge scarf.

After watching the sun set, we headed to the mall nearby just to walk around and maybe shop. Except we didn't end up buying anything. I only bought a pair of sunglasses from Nastygal, which was in a different place. 

Before the night went down - lol kidding, we went back to sleep - we got food at Far Bar! Mini burgers, and sushi. Tasted okay, the place was kinda hard to find. We walked past it a couple of times before finding out that it was named "Far East" or something like that instead of Far Bar. 

And that concludes day 2!!!

DAY 3: Bottega Louie, LA Public Library, Bradbury Building, Grand Central Market, Last Bookstore, Cafe Demitasse, DT Disney

Day 3 was the craziest of them all I think. We saw A LOT in a relatively short time span before we headed towards Disneyland!!! Of course, we would start our day with brunch, but at Bottega Louie this time. YUM...

Dessert! We also bought Macarons to go.

Los Angeles Public Library was our next stop as it was relatively near by. A friend asked us, why we went to the library... And being as superficial as we were, we told her, to take nice pictures... LOL!

After that, we visited the Bradbury Building - also for nice pictures. LOL!!! Are you judging me? Because, I'm judging myself...

One of my regrets was that we were too full to eat anything when we visited Grand Central Market. Another friend had told me that they had amazing eggsluts, and blended coffee, but neither Mich nor I could stomach anything after our heavy brunch... Oh well! The show must go on.

Lastly, we visited the Last Bookstore. This was the last of our touristy stops. Lol! I didn't buy anything there although I was tempted to. There was no reason to though. And guess why we went there? Yeah...Nice pictures! HAHAHAHA. YES I FEEL YOU JUDGING ME. PLS STOP. 

Me at the end of the book tunnel!

Before heading back to grab our luggages, we headed to Cafe Demitasse, which I believe was located near the "Japanese town" in LA. Mich ordered the hot chocolate with a big marshmellow. Boy it was a SWEEEEEET drink. I could only have a sip of it! Mich really liked it though. Any other sweet tooths out there?? 

My (half-eaten) earl grey macaron from Bottega Louie! 

This picture is a lie because I dropped my box of macarons on the way to LA Public Library... This is not my box of macarons T.T Thanks for the picture, Mich! Hahahahahah

So after the cafe, we picked up our luggages and took an uber to Anaheim!! That is where Disneyland is!!!!! That was next on our travel itinerary! Surprisingly, the uber ride was relatively cheap, and although it was a really long journey, it was very pleasant. Yay! We were going to take a shuttle but it was extremely inconvenient and I think only a little bit cheaper. Glad we decided to uber! 

We got to the hotel, and Mich smashed her box of macarons too. LOLOL!!!! ONLY WE KNOW WHY! HI MICH YOU READING THIS! HAHAAH! Then we headed out to, Downtown Disney!!!!

So basically, we just spent our time walking around the shops - shopping/window shopping. Just soaking in the atmosphere I guess! There were A LOT of people, even just at the shops. I keep forgetting the fact that it was Disneyland California's Diamond (60) anniversary, as well as, that it was almost Christmas!

Next post will be on Disneyland!!!!! It was really lovely to be there during the end of the year! I can't wait to organize the pictures and share them! WHAT UP!!!!! I know this post took way too long to appear on the blog, but hopefully the next post will be uploaded soon! Hahahah!

See you in the next one!

XX, Cand

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