Monday, May 19, 2014

My Life in Squares

I don't take the nicest Instagram pictures, but here's a look at how my life has been the past couple of months!

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View from Mount Doug when I went trekking 2 days ago! Here's a funny story: On my way down, I was walking behind this guy and it was really awkward - as if I were following him. So I decided that I should overtake him, which I did. Then I decided that I should be more adventurous and walk down the treks in the forest. When I reached the bottom of Mount Doug, I saw him there again and he gave me a confused look. Hahahaha! I bet he thought I had some magical powers! 

My story is boring isn't it...

The next bit of pictures were from my roadtrip to Alberta/BC! 

Also, my timeline is going backwards - most recent to the oldest pictures.

Stopped by Valemount on the way back for dinner and fuel! I simply loved how the sign said, "Let the mountains move you". Being a girl from a tropical country with no mountains at all, I truly appreciate the views of the mountains in Alberta and B.C. 

West Edmonton Mall. What do I have to say about this mall? Basically, it is big and awesome. That's all! Shopping wasn't that awesome though. A large variety but everything could be found in Vancouver. No special sales either, so nothing much for me!

Here's a small bit Calgary - upside down!

Had some sushi!

This is probably one of my favorite pictures from the trip. I wished I had the money to sit in the Fairmont and have high tea. The view of Lake Louise (which is frozen, OMG YESSS) there is simply breathtaking!

My roommie and me on frozen Lake Louise! Loved the mountains behind! What did I say about appreciating mountains? ;) 

A pitstop in Golden, AB! We first entered Alberta and this was what greeted us when we stopped for petrol and food. It was a hack of a drive from Golden to Banff as well. Snowing crazily, so it was pretty much like wtf are we going to survive this??? 

But we made it! (duh)

Here's us in Vernon! 

And now we're back in Victoria! 

Gotta love the Flying Otter Grill

Me posing on a beautiful sunny day!

Me trying to be artistic.

Spring brings about the most beautiful flowers. UVic looks beautiful year round but Spring is where its really at. 

Amy and I!

Say hi to Ted! 

Here's ending the post with a pretty narcissistic picture of me acting cool on Willows Beach. This might have been taken in March. My memory fails me very often now. Time is flying by. Victoria is pretty awesome if you look hard enough to find hidden cafes and beaches.

I have an exam tomorrow that's worth 30%. Wish me luck!

Back in Singapore in 44 days! Can't wait; I am sooo homesick right now.


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