Friday, May 23, 2014

Roadtrip 2014: BC, Alberta

The majestic (also, frozen) Lake Louise. 

My roommate and I spent a good 2 weeks on the road. We went up from Victoria into Vernon/Kelowna, then Banff, Calgary, and finally Edmonton. These pictures were chosen from my phone's gallery and uploaded at random. I love how my Note 3 is taking amazing pictures and that I have almost no use for my camera any more! I need to take my camera out more often though... And that, I will promise to do!

Anyway, I can honestly say, what a trip! I have got to say that the most memorable experience was driving towards Banff while it was snowing at night. I think we both seriously feared for our lives... Everybody studying/living in North America definitely has to do a big road trip at some point. It is definitely an experience. My favorite part on the road would probably be driving, and singing Disney songs while munching on snacks and then stopping for Dairy Queen for blizzards and dipped cones. I know we sound like total gluttons but try it... You'll understand why I said this was my favorite bit. 

Canada has so much to offer. Not a lot of people set Canada as one of their dream vacation spots, because people love the idea of Europe or Asia. Most want to see the European landmarks - Big Ben, Santorini, Eiffel Tower, or experience the various Asian cultures. Sure, that sounds great, but some people whom have barely explored their own country leave in hopes to search for something, "greater" than what they think their own country has to offer! I'm going to keep exploring Canada, and till then, remember if you are looking for adventure - hiking, food, or shopping - Canada has it all! Canada is extremely underrated and maybe that's why I'm starting to love it so much.

I love underrated things/places. The beauty of underrated stuff/places is that not many people know about it. I absolutely love the idea of exclusivity. Although I'm kind of promoting Canada as a vacation spot, I do want it to remain relatively less popular... I contradict myself so much; what's new? 

While I'm on this topic, I just bought this lip balm in natural by Bite Beauty. It is called BB for Lips and it is beyond amazing. While it is a little expensive for a lip balm (CAD 28), it smells amazing and is extremely moisturizing without being too sticky. I keep smelling the lip balm now - I have a serious problem with nice scents (Yes, I am that person who smells all 200 bottles of hand soap before trying to decide which to buy)... 

I went completely off topic, but I'll be back with more pictures soon! 

P.S. The pictures are not in any particular order
P.S. Did you know that Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia?


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