Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Back in Singapore

Have been back in sunny Singapore since last friday! I am loving it back here, but definitely not enjoying the sweltering heat. I seriously believe that I have the worst luck ever. I left Vancouver when the weather was fantastic - think 28deg celsius out, but without the humidity in Singapore. And... I'll probably be arriving back in Vancouver during the rainy season... #badluckcand

Anyway, here's a short selfie post. Every picture is a selfie... What pictures did we take before we took selfies? I don't know man, I seriously wonder.

Selfie #1: Taken with the boyfriend, since neither of us have uploaded a picture of us together in such a long time. Anyhow, we wore kinda "matchy" outfits that day. Disgusting yet? I think so...

Selfie #2: With my favorite girls, but without ma B2 who was probably in some cafe in Vietnam enjoying cheap ass cafe food. 

Selfie #3: With Joy and Wenrong! It's hard to get Joy to start doing selfies, but once she starts, there's no stopping her. She knows no limits and she knows a lot more poses than we do (refer to above). She's also the most adorable 4 year old around. 

Selfie #4: With my sweetest Wenrong, who came down to see me! Love you girl and see you really soon!!! Staycation this weekend with auntie Zhen! Can't wait!!

Selfie #5: My cray cray gang. Non-stop gossip - well, I guess we do stop to eat and take selfies. P.S. I had my first Solero ice cream in more than a year. Man, prices have increased, but it's still tasting good. 

Hopefully I will blog soon! Otherwise, hop over to my instagram for more frequent updates: cutheties.


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