Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happy ever after

It seems like this summer is full of blessings and happiness. I attended my cousin's wedding last Saturday and I have another wedding to attend next month. Now that almost all my cousins are married and having children, I feel like my friends are going to start getting married soon. Time really flies, just yesterday we were kids and felt yucky about kisses and hugs. 

Here are my parents receiving tea from the happy couple and giving the happy couple their blessings. 

Prepping for the wedding dinner. Loved my shoes - sky high but at the same time very comfortable. Thanks, Aldo. Also, I was really paranoid about wearing a white dress to the wedding. Although the bride was cool with it, NEVER AGAIN. 

The wedding was held at the marvellous St. Regis. Service was spectacular right from the moment you step out of the taxi. I also really enjoyed all the expensive food I got to eat! Funny thing was that my aunt/uncle were so worried that the food would not be good. Erm, excuse me, best wedding food ever! And the set up was beautiful. I'll stop talking and let the pictures do their work!

Here is about half of my extended family. Most of them are from Hong Kong and Taiwan, so I rarely see them, but still much love for them. No pictures with the bride (the photographer has the pictures) and I look super chubby, so no pictures for me. 

Congratulations on your wedding An An Jie Jie! We don't meet often or talk much, but here's wishing you a lifetime of happiness! 


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