Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Essentials

Here are my summer essentials for this year! 

1. Yellow Bag from Tabao gifted by the best friend aka B1
2. Endless Summer Bronzer, Too Faced
3. Platform Heels, Aldo
4. Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, Stila
5. Sci Fi Nail Polish, Formula X
6. Infinite Nail Polish, Formula X
7. Sunglasses, zerouv
8. Necklace, Nastygal

9. Universal Clip Lens

I bought this amazing universal lens clip that allows me to take wide angle, fisheye and macro pictures. I really like the whole wide-lens effect and I am pretty much an Instagram addict, so when I saw this I knew I had to get it. You can pretty much carry it around everywhere - it comes with a pouch and use the lens interchangeably as and when you'd like to take a picture, just clip it on your phone. This is definitely my number 1 buy this summer (close behind my Too Faced Bronzer) and I am so happy to have found it.

Here are some pictures: 

My HDB surroundings: Fisheye Lens
I think the quality of the picture went down a little with the use of this lens, but I still like the effect too much in comparison to the small drop in quality. 

Currently in my closet: Wide Angle Lens
Let's ignore the amount of colourful and sparkly stuff I have in my wardrobe and look at the wide angle amazingness of this picture. I'm really digging the curved edges from using this lens. And once again, the quality drop is there, but hey, wide angles over (small drop in) quality I guess. 

The first picture of this post was also taken with the wide angle lens! And the rest of the pictures are taken without any lens. 

10. Nene Chicken
I just fell in love with it, again. Right, again. I've had it before last year, and forgot about it this time around, had it and fell more in love. Is that even possible? With my favourite chicken place, 4 Fingers getting way too popular for my liking, Nene is still relatively unknown and it's exactly because it is unknown that I like it so much. It means I don't have to wait for 20 minutes to find a seat, nor do I have to line up for 30 minutes and wait another 15 minutes for my food. Besides, the chicken is top-notch, grease and all. I'm definitely going to try the Swicy flavour next time, and if it is great, I might abandon 4 Fingers (OMG what did I just say???). And needless to say, KFC, stand aside.

Sorry 4 Fingers, I will never abandon you. Please open more outlets. Thank you.

11. Singapore's night lights

Sorry if you aren't from Singapore or haven't seen Singapore's night lights. I really am. We have the most amazing city lights in Orchard road. Our buildings are amazingly built - I mean just look at Ion (right behind me). Ion is the epitome of shopping in Orchard Road. In Ion, there are luxury brands, and street brands. Most importantly, shit ass amazing food. This makes me wonder what I did before Ion was built a couple of years ago. I have forgotten what was there before Ion came into place. Sorry, I digress. Yes, in all honesty, despite how it is summer and how great the sun is, magnificent night lights are an essential. Note keyword: Magnificent. 

All my pictures were edited with VSCO cam - which, by the way, is pretty damn amazing. 


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