Saturday, August 9, 2014

Stolen Shoes

So, today I lost a pair of new Nikes. I just bought them in Taiwan and it was the first time I decided to wear them out... I wore them for less than 3 hours before they were stolen. Do you feel my pain??? My anguish...
So what happened was that I visited my boyfriend at his place, and left my shoes outside. We left within half an hour to celebrate National day... Within that half an hour of visitation, they were stolen. I'm very upset and angry. I wonder why anyone would do something like this? In broad daylight? It just pisses me off. I use my money to buy my shoes, why do you have to steal? I wasn't the only one who lost a pair of shoes. My boyfriend lost two pairs and his brother lost a pair. 4 pairs of shoes. Gone, just like that.

Where is your conscience, you thief?

I believe in karma, and man, you better run...


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