Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cand goes to Taiwan 2014: Part 1 - Taichung

I just got back from Taiwan about 5 days ago, and I miss it already!!! I only visited two major cities during the 7 days I was there. I enjoyed it thoroughly though! It was probably because of the company I had ;) 

Anyway, we were in Taichung for two nights, and it was pretty late when we arrived on the first day, so we could only visit the night market. 

Taiwan is all about the night markets. I mean, if you go to Taiwan without going to a night market, you might have failed at your trip planning. We visited Taichung's most well known night market - Fengjia Night Market. It was pretty huge and filled with a TON of people. And of course, all night markets' signature - street food. Can you say YUM???

I think I might like squid a little too much. I had way too much squid on this trip... It was basically heaven for me because it was cheap (70ntd = 2.94sgd) and it was everywhere. Loved it!!!

I spy with my little eye, my boyfriend creeping somewhere! hahahaha

Fried mini soft shell crabs. This is practically perfect for lazy people hence the name - lan ren xie (literally translated into lazy people crab). You just eat the whole damn thing, no peeling, no worries man. BUT it didn't taste as good. I felt like it was too much flour, and the flavours were not that strong. 

Never had smelly toufu (chou toufu), and boy it was quite interesting! Firstly, I did NOT find it smelly. Secondly, I'm not quite sure how to describe its taste. So I'm just gonna leave it at that. 

Traveling around Taichung via public transport was easy (and SUPER cheap). I think they have this courtesy program where they let people who travel within 8km take their transport for free. So basically, fengjia night market was pretty far for us, but we only paid like 8ntd (=0.34sgd). Like what is this sorcery??? Traveling Taipei was definitely more expensive without such a privilege. 

Next day, we got up to visit Cingjing farm. LOL but we failed terribly because we overslept. #greatjobguys 

So we just went around buying taiyang bing (Literal translation: sun biscuit), laopo bing (Literal translation: wife's biscuit), etc. And we decided to go to this science exhibition place where I don't even know what it's called. LOL. Honestly we were a little lost and it was a quite fail day because of the lack of planning. BUT, I still had a ton of fun!!! 

Outside some bug (??) museum.

I am one with the plants. 

Meet our pets. 

To the windowwwwww

To the wallllll! 

"How do you make this face??? Like this?"

Cute polar bear. Okay, inflated crying polar bear. Safe the earth guys!

Following that we went to big malls which I probably should not have visited because I spent way too much money on Taiwanese facial products that I do not see myself using too often. Oh well, the Taiwanese are really great sales people by the way. They were made for sales I swear. 

And here's Miyahara, a commercialised (well, duh) place which sells biscuits and ice cream. It was really pretty inside! 

Fake bookshelves and well packaged biscuits and tarts, yes please. 

Tried their ice cream the next day and it was freaking awesome!!! Pictures soon, stay tuned! ;)


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