Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cand goes to Taiwan 2014: Part 2 - Taichung to Taipei

So this was the ice cream we had from Miyahara that I was talking about! It was pretty cheap as well, compared to the extravagant prices in Singapore. I believe it was 10sgd for 3 couples of ice cream, a waffle biscuit, and 4 different toppings. 

They had pretty interesting flavours, we chose a tea flavor (tian tian tian lan - Blue Sky), sugarcane, as well as one milky flavoured one that I can't recall. In all honesty, I expected too much for the sugarcane since I really love the drink. It disappointed me in its ice cream form. It felt almost like it was iced sugarcane drink... However, the other two flavours were pretty much amazing!!! I loved them! And so did the boyfriend.

We had a hard time choosing the toppings because there were so many different toppings to choose from!!! We ended up choosing the cheesecake (arguably the most popular topping), red bean biscuit, sesame biscuit, and some nuts/oats. Loved them all, no complains about any of them.

After having our breakfast, we checked out and left for the High Speed Rail station. The trains were so frequent and it only took us about an hour to get to Taipei! 

Before we got there, we saw Carton King - a shop and restaurant where everything is made out of cardboard boxes! Everything....? I bet you were questioning that... So, let's take a look.

Here's the store front... With the boyfriend and his subtle posing.

I believe they are either display items or... musical things. You know, the ones you wind? My vocabulary is failing me. 

Table Lamps.


Hats, which are washable by the way.

How about a cardboard decoration of a sheep for your house?

Just a table and chairs. 

Now do you believe me??? They have many more things that I did not take pictures of. 

I think Carton King is an interesting place to drop by and visit if you happen to be taking the High Speed Rail (HSR). Otherwise, I wouldn't come all the way out here to visit this place. Unless you are a cardboard enthusiast or you want to eat something out of a cardboard box. Then, be my guest! But this place is still rather small! But it is definitely interesting to drop by if you happen to pass by it! 

Moving on, we are going to take the HSR!!! And I was really excited because I knew it was going to be an experience. I have never taken a HSR and it is just amazing what technology has done for us to be able to travel at 287km/h. I enjoyed the ride - it was short and pretty sweet. Except that we didn't have a window seat and the guy had the blinds down the whole time he was there (which was 3/4 of the whole trip) before he got down at the airport station. 


And the guy left!!! So now we had the window seat and I could take a look of our surroundings! I think I was the only one in the whole cabin taking pictures LOLOL! Everybody else was either sleeping or using their phones. Okay guys, whatever floats your boat as long as I get to take my pictures!!! 

Got a thing for fluffy skies!!! 

Got to the Taipei Main Station and manoeuvred around to check in! 

Our hotel was near Ximending - lo and behold: 

11 floors of KTV madness. THAT is what's up. Stay cray, Taipei. 

It was still early to check in, so we just left our luggages there and headed to Tsamsui. From there we took a bus to Fisherman's Wharf and the Lover's Bridge. Just because we are lovers, otherwise I would probably have given this place a miss! 

The bridge. Nothing special I think, just a bridge. Maybe it would be more special if I knew the story behind it. Maybe a pair of star-crossed lovers build it to bring them closer to one another. #dramaticstory

"Wishing you: Happiness everyday"

My lover and the bridge.

I think at this point, there was something on my camera lens! OOPS. Probably my fingerprint.

My handsome lover. Teehee!

Just me being a poser. 

There is something about the sea and its endlessness. 

"I am Christopher Columbus and I found, uh, this railing."

Just you know... Looking into my future. 


Got back to somewhere near the main station and ate some of these sweet potato balls. Which are bloody delicious. The guy laughed at me for taking this picture. This is what I go through for taking pictures!!! #sorrynotsorry

Went to the wharf to see the sun set. 

After a while, the sun began setting... And within seconds you could see it go it... It was such an amazing experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 


Then this... 

And it's gone. I mean, in a minute, the sun was gone. Just amazing, what nature has to offer.

After that we walked around the market for a while, before heading back to the hotel. We bought some tie dan (Literal translation: iron eggs). I liked it but my boyfriend did not. So I bought some home to share with my family...or to eat them all by myself secretly. LOL. 

We stayed at Cho Hotel which had fantastic service, but the room was INCREDIBLY small. Like all hotels in Taipei. Now we're in the city! There were less motorcycles, and transport was way easier. Although it was pretty straightforward in Taichung too! 

Next up: Taipei City! Not as many pictures, but a whole lot of fun! 


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