Friday, December 12, 2014

New Plans

These couple of days, my skin has been uber sensitive. It probably is because of the extremely dry weather coupled with the fact that I have been stuffing myself silly with chocolates and bad food.

I've not had chips in half a year now because I know that they are extremely unhealthy. However, recently I have just seem to have found comfort in chips and chocolates and I have been consuming a considerable amount of both. Also, I am extremely lazy when it comes to making dinner so I just make myself a bowl of ramen. SIGH this is what happens when you are tired AND hungry after a long day of work. Obviously, this is horrible and it has GOT to stop. Today is my last day eating chips (not ramen though), and I'm excited for a healthier diet.

I'm going to limit my ramen intake to one packet in 2 weeks. I'm also going to load up on my fruits and veggies. Tons of tea and water. Sleeping early and a good skincare routine will also help. My moisturiser is almost finished, and I got a new bottle on its way from Sephora! I have been trying out a lot of different facial moisturisers and I'm kinda glad I finished mine so I get to try more! I know I sound absolutely ridiculous, but I absolutely can't wait to try that one out!

Here's to starting 2015 the right way!


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