Saturday, December 13, 2014

December 2014

Here's the Christmas tree uptown looking extremely gorgeous! I love Christmas - the season, the spirit of giving, the festivities. I just wished I were back home where my family and friends are, and where the weather is a ridiculous 30 degrees C. 

Here's what my friends and I had for dinner last weekend! This is making me hungry...

My new boots from Zara! For the longest time ever, I have been dreaming about a good smooth leather, pointed booties of a reasonable height. When I found them on Zara, they were $160 - which was a reasonable price for a pair of leather booties. However, I was still quite reluctant to part with $160 (before taxes) and decided to wait! Then Black Friday came, and they were 30% off. Guess what? They're mine now! Muahahahaha

My life has been pretty boring - work, home, repeat. Work has kept me busy, and I'm learning a lot more than I thought I would be learning. That is great, and I can't believe that I'm almost done with one work term! Time flies by so damn quickly. It's already December and I can't remember how my 2014 passed by. I rediscovered being a dreamer, and have been day dreaming a lot recently. Possibly Europe with my favourite couple (always third wheeling......sigh), family trip to Japan, road tripping in Canada with the ggfs, and maybe even Bali. Fingers crossed, saving money, and anticipating that the best has yet to come (and will come). I embrace the good times, and will learn from the bad. 

Here's to an even better 2015! 


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