Thursday, December 4, 2014

Night and Day

We were like day and night.

Our differences were not simple, and we were almost polar opposites. Many people tell me that opposites attract, and I believed in that too. We both made changes and tried to accommodate each other in hopes that we would better complement each other. But each change only invited more unhappiness, and it seemed almost unfair that one of us had to change for the other. We were not truly happy when we were together, and the distance between us certainly did not help. Although opposites attract, I wonder if we were too different, and if, maybe, our differences cannot co-exist.

Although I hoped that courage would find us back together again, but the truth is, we were like the sun and moon. Or noise and silence. You were like day, and I was like night. And to be with you, the night had to pass.

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