Saturday, June 13, 2015

Cand goes to Korea 2015: Day 1. Arrival at Incheon Airport

Hello interwebz, 

I've finally gotten the time to update this space with my pictures from my Korea trip!!! I think we were damn lucky that we were in Korea before MERS hit and people started getting quarantined. Anyway, here's a short picture log of what happened on the first day of our trip! 

The very first day was a traveling day, which was not pleasant at all. Both legs of our CX flights were delayed by about an hour, for who knows what reason... 

Here's Hong Kong's airport looking magnificent - as always.

I have no pictures of Incheon Airport, we went straight to our hotel in Gimpo. We were beat by then, and we just wanted to sleeeeeeeep. 

We stayed at the Lotte Gimpo Airport (which was literally NEXT to Gimpo Airport) for convenience. It was definitely expensive, but we wanted to be on the extra safe side. Here's what the room looked like. It was SO nice!!! 

LOOK at the view. I mean, I mentioned that Gimpo Airport was right next to us, right?

We had breakfast here! Buffet breakfast with mainly Korean dishes (think soups, Kimchi, congee, Bulgogi - Korean marinated beef), and also Western choices (think toast, cereal, fruits). Don't have a picture, but we ate quite a bit! 

Afterward, we went to the airport to catch our flight to Jeju. There was a shuttle from the hotel which took us to the airport, so that was nice! 

Our flight got delayed (yet again), but it was a very short journey, so we were in Jeju in no time! 

Part of day 2 was in this post, but the next post will contain the rest of day 2 as well as the rest of our Jeju trip! I'm missing Korea already, and I really wished we were there longer... Oh well, I will definitely return in the future!!!


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