Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cand goes to Korea 2015: Day 3. Rainy Day in Jeju

On our full day in Jeju, it was just our luck that it was raining. So we decided to tour museums that day (and we were SO glad we went to Seongsan Iluchubong on the first day). 

We visited O'Sulluc first, and the Innisfree Jeju outlet. We were just running into shelters, so no nice pictures of the buildings. I did not even take pictures of the food! It was all on snapchat though... 

Green Tea EVERYTHING. I don't like green tea, but the cake was pretty good and Isabel loved her latte. 

Next is the Innisfree house. There was a counter where you could make your own soap I think. We didn't bother with it, but it looked pretty cool. Innisfree is from Jeju, so they have a nice shop there, and even a coffeeshop in it. 

Went to Alive 3D museum next! It was interesting, but I would not want to revisit... There were way TOO many people (mostly rowdy students), and the exhibits were just okay. They did look quite real though!!! Really interesting. We didn't really spend a lot of time there. 

EEK. I found big foot!!!

So, after visiting Alive, we sat in the car for the longest time, deciding where to go... We really wanted to visit the Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls, but were hesitating because of the gloomy weather. We were hoping that by then the rain would stop, but obviously it did not. 

After much hesitation, we decided to head there anyway... We thought if we didn't, we would just be wasting a trip, and we might go in the rainy weather. LOL! 

It was quite misty, and still it looked pretty! The falls were really hidden behind the mist, and you can't really see it in the pictures... :( 

Here is Isabel showing you how how we walked about without our umbrellas because we did not bring them... Also, we refused to pay 3 SGD for a freaking poncho... Anyhow, look at the trees at the background!

We walked around the area for a bit before deciding we should move on since it was wet. Sat in the car for a bit before deciding to move on to our next destination.

Daheeyeon Cave Cafe. This was definitely not one of the places we planned on visiting, but thanks to the wet weather, we decided to drop by! The entrance fee was about 7SGD/person, but they give you a coupon to buy a drink. So it was essentially free to visit the cave cafe. You could just chill there, which was what we did. 

There was no one in the cafe, so we just sat there for a while, HOPING that the rain would go away (which it didn't) and took some pictures. Coffee here was pretty good! I think it was because we were cold, that a nice hot drink was our haven for a bit. 

The posing begins.

Hi mommy, I see you!!

It was really cold out, and Isabel ran inside for cover while I stayed outside with my mommy for a while. NEVER miss a photo opportunity!!! The best opportunities are those where nobody is around!

Don't the pictures look so gloomy??? They do have quite an eerie vibe don't they?? Damn, and here I am, uploading these pictures at 12am.

Anyway, we had to get to the car, so Isabel had to come out of the building... And we saw the nicest tea leaves field (? What do you call them??)! It was VAST, and there was nobody there... What did I say about never missing photo opportunities?? 

Isabel in the middle of the fields.

Isabel looking at the tea leaves.

Isabel pretending to look at the tea leaves intensely. LOL.

Mommy and I! 

"Feeling" the Jeju chillax vibe. 


We left for Jeju City and visited the Yongduam rock next. I think I drove ALL over Jeju that day. It wasn't that bad since we had a car! 

Yongduam Rock is a rock that looks like a dragon's head. It was smaller than expected, but still kinda cool to see! The rain had stopped by the time we arrived, that's always nice! 

My mommy and I posing with the stone grandpas. 

We then went for dinner at the black pork street! 

YUP. FOOD. VERY Yummy and we were so lucky to have found a spot right outside the restaurant! Lots of side dishes, I ate A LOT!!! Couldn't taste the difference between black pork and normal pork though. But the pork at this restaurant was definitely thicker and juicer. Very yummy!!! I loveeee!

Yeah, we got ice cream!!! (ew my ugly chipped nails)

Here are a few pictures of the guesthouse we stayed in! It's called Mir Guesthouse. The owner, Peter, was VERY friendly and helpful. So thankful to have met him! He helped us a great lot with calling the car centre place as we wanted to return our car a day early. He also helped us with directions by talking to the taxi driver. SO hospitable, we definitely had a LOVELY stay in Mir Guesthouse!

Here's our room (M2)! I did not take a picture of it inside because it was very small, and messy!

We get sandwiches for breakfast! P.s. you make them yourself! 

You can go to the rooftop, here's the (misty) view! 

We then hopped on a taxi and went to Jeju Airport for our flight back to Seoul!!!

Kiasu la, like that also wanna take pictures! LOL

It was a short and sweet ride back to Seoul! 

Met up with Jin, had jjajangmyun (black bean noodles) and Jangpong (spicy seafood noodles) via delivery and headed out to Garosugil next! More in the next post! ;)


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