Monday, June 15, 2015

Cand goes to Korea 2015: Day 2. Jeju Part 1

Upon our arrival at the Jeju airport, we went to collect our rental car from the KT Kumho centre. The process was pretty simple. Go to the KT counter at the airport, and after checking your documents, they will tell you to wait for the shuttle bus which brings you to the car centre. At the car centre, you show your documents once again, and then get the car! 

Because it was sunny out (and the forecast showed that it would rain on our second day in Jeju), we made a last minute decision to visit the UNESCO site - Seongsan Ilchubong Peak right then and there. 

Since I am used to left-hand drive, driving was easy, although the traffic lights were confusing (what is a flashing red light??). Driving downtown Jeju city was the worst, there were a lot of cars, and it was jam packed. I also might have given way to too many cars! LOL 

Anyhow, we arrived at the peak in about an hour! 

P.s. My phone battery died just as we arrived, so the pictures here were grabbed from either Isabel's or my mommy's phones! I'm pretty sure I took some, if not most, of these pictures! 


It was very green - definitely something very different from what we usually see in Singapore! The walk up was about 40 minutes, very manageable. The steps were not steep at all, so it is great for people of all ages! We even saw a preggo lady on our way down!!! Very fit! 

The UNESCO site was definitely worth a visit, but I definitely did wish that it was not that foggy/misty that day. I read online that if it isn't foggy, we could easily see Hallasan in the distance. I think throughout our whole trip in Jeju, we did not manage to see Hallasan because of the fogginess. Damn you fog.

Because selfies are absolutely necessary. 

WIND in our hair, I look SO ROUND. It was really cooling up there! 

Lots of tourists - some of whom were really rowdy.......

On our way down!

So, we kind trespassed just so we can take pictures with the flowers. It was Isabel's bright idea! LOL! I was really embarrassed at first, but after we went in, lots of people did too. The embarrassment died. #thingswedofornicepictures Heh...

After this, we were to eat at a seafood restaurant, and I don't know why I can't find pictures of our dinner!!!!! :( We had abalone porridge, which was okay... We couldn't understand the hype around it. We also had the seafood stew, which was SO good! It had LOADS of seafood - including live abalone (so many of them). It was only about 64,000 KRW (about 70 SGD) for the 3 of us. For that much seafood, it was an absolute steal!!! 

Anyway, we went back to our Guesthouse later and called it a night! More info on our guesthouse in the next post!!! :)


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