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Cand goes to Hong Kong 2015: Part 2 (Day 4 & 5)

Hello Interwebz, it's me Cand! And I'm back to update part 2 of the Cand goes to Hong Kong series!! You can find part 1 HERE.

Day 4: Shopping, Australia Dairy Co. (yeah, again), The Peak, Mak's Noodles! 

Alvin finally joined us in HKG! I remember us waking up to him literally banging on our door so loudly when he arrived because it was like 7am or something, and nobody was awake to answer calls or knocking of "regular" sound levels. LOL! The banging on the door became our "alarm". I think we rested for a bit more before getting ready to head out.

First stop was shopping at some mall that I absolutely cannot remember the name of, for the life of me. OMG, I remembered (with the help of google lol!); the mall we visited was called Langham Place. But I didn't buy anything here... I remember there was nothing much to buy when I was in Hong Kong, although there were lots to eat. Heh.

After that, we headed back to Australia Dairy Co. (yes, again!!) for brunch and look at these happy kids!!!

This time we got the macaroni instead of the spaghetti. I think it was because of the different timing we were there, they served slightly different stuff. Obviously the food was still good and we finished everything very quickly. SLURPPPPP *Burp*

After that, we headed to the Peak!!! I think everybody goes to the Peak when visiting Hong Kong. I think it might have been my 3rd (or so) time there! LOL. The views never get old though, and the last time I was there was about 4 years ago.

I think at this point, we were more fascinated by the houses on the top of the mountain hahaha! They all looked extremely deserted and haunted LOL! But apparently, they are really expensive... I think we saw quite a few fast cars driving up there. #richpeopleIguess

Obviously, it is selfie time!!! We took so many selfies, I don't even know. 

I think we wanted to look badass but really we just look like spoiled kids who didn't get their way! LOLOL! I have more pictures, but let's not spam the space unnecessarily (although, I am already spamming LOL)...

Before we left, we went to have our dinner Ah Mak's Noodles (1 Michelin Star) for dinner! I loved it here the last time I came by (4 years ago) and it tastes exactly the same this time round too. Although portions are crazy small, I still think that they are the BEST Won Ton noodles in da world! I heard that they had a franchise in Singapore, and I can't wait to try that one out! I'm quite skeptical about it though, so we will have to see. Just another excuse for me to eat - hehe!

The picture on the left is when we were on the tram down, and the picture on the right was taken when we were on our way up! The tram moves extremely quickly on such a steep angle, it was actually quite scary. But people were allowed to be standing on the tram too, so I guess it is okay? I can't remember where we went after this. I think we might have gone to a dessert place, but I don't have pictures and my memory isn't the best... Heh.

That ends day 4 of the trip!!! See, we didn't really do much at all actually. We didn't squeeze everything in a couple of days so that is always nice!

Day 5: Ocean Park, Tim Ho Wan

Day 5 was our long-awaited visit to Hong Kong's famous Ocean Park!!!!!!!! I think it was much better for us to visit this theme park than Disneyland. I have never been to Disneyland in Hong Kong, but I heard it is not that nice. Also, Ocean Park's rides were more suitable for us (young adults) I would say!

LOL Our new friend - the lady on the right! I don't know why she sat with us - the rest of the ship was practically empty...

The guys busted some cash trying to play this game. You needed 70(I think?) to get a mini soft toy.

I think I can say that he's more than a little bit disappointed with his score. LOL!

And here's the mini soft toy!

Holy crap this ride was the worst. I wasn't too scared but I didn't feel well after taking it - I had a splitting headache and felt really nauseated. Was it because I was scared??? LOL, I will never find out!

After we had enough fun on the rides, we took the cable car up and around to the other side of the park where the aquarium is located at.

The mini cable car fit all 6 of us!!

And.....Here we are at the aquarium!

There was a thick partition between us and Andrew! It showed us how thick the glass (?) of the aquarium was.

Selfies again - duh!

Accidental flash - oops! Flash photography is not allowed!!! Not good for the fishies...

So here's a dark picture to make up for bothering the fishes! Hahaha

After the park, we made it just in time for Tim Ho Wan (1 Michelin Star). I believe this was the 1st Tim Ho Wan? But I am not sure! Unfortunately, the service was REALLY bad and I don't want to go into the details... But just be warned if you ever go there! I thought the food was mediocre, except for their house famous CHA SIEW BAO (bbq pork bun) of course!!!! It was the BEST bbq bun I've ever had in a looooong time, and that says a lot because I LOVE ME A GOOD BBQ BUN!! Although, I don't know if I can call it a bun because it was more flakey and not so much like a bun actually! Whatever it is, it is good - and me love good food!!!

Here's a picture of the cha siew bun! After the shit service we received, we STILL decided to stay on for a second serving of this goodness. That is how good the bun is!!! One of my friends commented that we literally became "food slaves" because we braved the shit service for this delicious thing LOL!

And that sums up day 5 of the Cand goes to Hong Kong series! Stay tuned for the last instalment of the series - part 3 (day 6 & 7)!!! We go hiking at Dragon's Back Trail, and hunt for food (the whole of day 6 - yeah it was pretty intense lol!) coming right up. See ya then!

XX, Cand

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