Friday, July 8, 2016

Dine Out Part 2: 10 Acres

Our next Dine Around visit brought us to 10 Acres! It was more American style as compared to the previous place, Confit, which was French. 10 Acres was located downtown and the restaurant was very bright because of the large windows!! I love! People enjoy sitting on the patio too but I think it was still too cold to do so.

Selfies before we got too messy and bloated. LOL

This time around, we chose to go for the $30 menu!

We got some fancy ass drinks! I think I got a pomegranate Sangria of some sort... Cheers!!!

This time around, Michelle got the soup for starters and Connie got the Hen Leg! I can't remember which I got... I think the soup as well? I have short term memory loss... Anyway, we also ordered a plate of truffle fries to share! And my goodness, it was great!!!!! I remember telling the waiter that they were really good. He seemed a little bit snobbish. Perhaps he was upset that I didn't compliment the rest of the food? IDK...

LAMB SHANK. It was good!!! The meat was very tender. Hehe

Mich's main... I can't remember what it was called. But it was small.......... Hahahahah!

Our desserts!!! I got a sticky toffee pudding - which I had been craving pretty badly for... It was good, but I think I have had better elsewhere! I can't remember what Mich and Connie got... I think a cheesecake and something else. Hahahaha! The first time we all got different desserts. Hehe! 

Overall, dining at 10 Acres was a completely different experience compared to Confit as well as Vis-a-Vis! Maybe if I (ever) go back in summer, I would like to visit again but this time sit in the patio!

XX, Cand

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