Sunday, July 3, 2016

Dine Out Part 1: Confit

After a few months, I finally have caught up on all my travel posts for 2015. And I have decided to post my Dine Around Victoria experiences on my blog! My roommates (Connie & Michelle) and I love Dine Out season because it means we get good food at way more affordable prices!!! For Dine Out, there are usually a few menus to choose from - the $30, $40, and $50 menu. They all include a three course meal - starters, mains, and dessert. Usually we choose whichever menu we think is the most worth it for the price!

We got to visit 3 places this year - Confit, 10 Acres, and Vis-a-Vis. And as the title suggests, this post is on Confit! Confit features French cuisine and is tucked away in the very lovely Oak Bay.

Disclaimer: I am no food blogger ok. Please don't take me too seriously... LOLOL!

We all decided to go for the $50 menu at Confit! Such a splurge, but well, at Confit you gotta go for the "Duck duo of Confit Leg & Medium Rare Breast"! Hahahaha I chose mussels as my appetiser to go along with the main course and a chocolate cake of some sort for dessert.

The dining experience was really pleasant - the waiter was very sweet! Do make reservations especially during Dine Around season because these places get PACKED... And quite quickly!

I thought that the mussels were okay - not outstanding, but the main dish was REALLY good! The chocolate cake thing would be great for chocolate lovers out there!!! Connie went with the vanilla bean creme brulee and it was really good as well. We all went home full and happy. Hehe

Quite the ritual - selfie time an outing/a dinner!

Compared to my travel posts, this one is pretty short. Hopefully there will be more shorter posts as well so this space won't be filled with too many words and pictures!

Till the next post!!!

XX, Cand

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