Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dine Out Part 3: Vis-a-Vis

Here is the last, but definitely not the least, of my Dine Around adventures in Victoria. We visited Vis a Vis, which was located in Oak Bay as well. The decor of the place was nice - inside and out!

I believe that this time around, we opted for the $40 menu!

They gave us a sample soup from the kitchen - on the house! That was nice - it was a little bit curry-ish... Now, what did I say about not being a food blogger? LOL! 

I got the lobster bisque for starters, while Mich and Connie got Chicken Liver Parfait, and Pork Terrine. I can't really remember which is which in the pictures though... Hahahaha oops!

I got some oysters to start as well. I hadn't had oysters in a while, so I was craving them... And my oh my, they were good!!! I love me some good oysters! Teehee

Our mains! The Lobster Carbonara and Beef Burgundy, which was what I got! 

My dessert - very chocolatey but yummy!!! I think I was going through a chocolate phase... I usually don't eat that much chocolate! Hahhahaha

Per usual, ending the day with some selfies!!!! Love you guys!

XX, Cand

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