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Cand goes to Hong Kong 2015: Part 1 (Day 1-3)

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I'm still trying to keep my blog alive and updated. LOL! So far, I have caught up with completing my 2014 Taiwan, and 2015 Seoul trips. Now it is time for the 2015 Hong Kong series! My trips to Hong Kong and Seoul were the "bigger" trips I took in 2015, and after them I have 2 more smaller trips, which I might or might not be doing an update on... Lol! They are Penang 2015, and Batam 2015! I might expand on my 2015 Los Angeles trip, since the previous post was basically just an Instagram visual diary. I also want to upload pictures from the more fun/memorable outings in Singapore, Victoria, and Vancouver... But, no promises - I don't want to get ahead of myself. So, we'll see about that! LOL!

Before I continue rambling on, let's start with Cand goes to Hong Kong 2015 part 1!!! I went to Hong Kong with my JC classmates - a total of 6 of us, but Alvin only joined us on the 4th day of the trip. We were there for a total of 6 nights - I know it sounds like too long a trip to Hong Kong (many usually go for only 5 days), but by the end of it, I was wishing it never ended! We didn't really do much actually, just hung around and took our time to visited the touristy places. I think we were mostly on a food trail though... LOL!

Here we go!

DAY 1: SIN-HKG, Wan Chai (our neighbourhood), Avenue of Stars, Selfies outside One Dim Sum

SIN-HKG via CX! We got a pretty sweet deal for the CX flights (I believe it was slightly over $300?). We took a night flight and landed early in the morning! We stayed in the airport to eat breakfast since we were early and the trains were not running yet. Once they were up and running, we got to Wan Chai and met our airbnb host! 

Explored the neighbourhood a little!

I think this is by far my favourite picture of Wan Chai - major LOVE the tram buses. They are so "flat" and kinda remind me of that scene in Harry Potter where the bus became skinny. Sorry I'm not making any sense... LOL! Anyway, the Fresh advertisement on the bus was really pretty too!!!

Views from our apartment! Maybe because I live in Singapore, I appreciate views of mountains amongst the cities A LOT. Anyway, after settling in, we finally headed out to the famous Avenue of Stars. 

Posing outside what seems to be erm...dirty containers?

Hong Kong's city skyline is super cool. I would advise not to go to the light show though. It was disappointing and there were too many people. We just took lots of selfies using Wenrong's Xiaomi (aka fake gopro lol!).

Spectacular night view! I want to go back...Already... Maybe I just want to be traveling. LOL!

After that we were hungry so we went to One Dim Sum for dinner! This place was very highly raved about online, so we decided that we had to drop by and visit. Unfortunately, it was a little bit disappointing because we were there way too late. There was little choice of food because they were sold out since we were there late. However, I believe we were there at about 8pm? Not too late as well, just past dinner time. They forgot to strike some of the "sold out" food off the menu. The food that we ordered - some of which were sold out, but the servers never informed us about that. So I definitely would advise coming earlier instead of at night! We returned a few days later, and #noregrets!!! It was way better then! 

LOL at the people behind me looking at us take the selfie! HAHAHAHA

Spam of selfies and also, no pictures of the food. LOL........Oops

After this we headed back to our place to get enough rest so that we would be ready for the next day!!!!! Just kidding, Idk what we did, I forgot. I suppose we went home or did some grocery shopping of some sort. LOL! 

DAY 2: DIM DIM SUM, Causeway Bay - shopping, Australia Dairy Co., Hong Kong Polytechnic University - Innovation Tower

When in Hong Kong, DIM SUM, DIM SUM, AND DIM SUM. SOUNDS LEGIT RIGHT? The number of times we had dim sum was pretty ridiculous, but also VERY real. I mean, where better to have dim sum than Hong Kong?? We KNEW every time that it would be a good meal too! So why not???

The kind of conversations we had: 
"What should we eat guys?" 
"How about dim sum?" 

We headed to Dim Dim Sum because there was one near our place and had good ratings! I loved the liu sha bao (in the shape of a pig), but the food was too expensive!!! I think we ordered something with truffle - you could barely taste it too... Maybe that was why it was so expensive? Idk, but by Hong Kong's standards this meal was expensive, and I believe that it was the most expensive one we had. 

After eating, we decided to head to Causeway Bay for some shopping! Mostly window shopping though! We went into Sogo, and the huge Forever 21. I only remember buying a pair of leggings? 

What were we laughing about? Did someone fart? LOL! Me and my happy bbgs!!!

We had lunch at Australia Dairy Co., and it was just lovely! The staff there were rude, but it was so funny that we didn't even feel bad about it? The lunch(I think?) sets were great too! Very cheap and there was LOTS of food. Would definitely go back again! The scrambled eggs and the milk dessert thing were really good too!!! The spaghetti looks simple, but they had the best char siew (bbq pork) underneath. SO FREAKING GOOD!!! I'm salivating just thinking about the food. We came back here again a few days later. LOL! 

After this, we went to Hong Kong Polytechnic University because Wenrong wanted to visit this building there! Its called the Innovation Tower and it looks pretty sick. 

Innovation Tower (above) - I'm a horrible photographer... LOL! We explored it for a bit, and somehow ended up taking lots of pictures - more I did not upload! Hahahah! 

I think we had dinner or dessert after! Before heading back to our airbnb. 

Day 3: Lin Heung Tea House - Dim Sum, Lamma Island, IFC, Supper

On the 3rd day, we mainly wanted to visit Lamma Island. But before that, DIM SUM (again)!!! This time, it was at Lin Heung Tea House - where dim sum is served (and probably made) traditionally! They have push carts that go around, although people mostly went TO the carts! LOL. 

Nom nom nom, nobody waits for me to take pictures, they just go straight in! LOL! 

Hong Kong's rustic alleys. Love!

Finally, Lamma Island!!! We bought tickets for a ferry there! I think the ferry was near IFC, but I could be wrong, so don't take my words for it. Hehe

While we were there, it was quite unfortunate, but the weather was just CRAZY!!! It was sunny followed by rainy, and then all at once! Thank goodness we had sunglasses AND umbrellas with us... LOL! Weird combination, but I guess the combi worked. Despite the weather, we conquered the island!!! It was a lot of trekking for Cand - who almost NEVER goes trekking lol!

Stopped for selfies hehe

Had the BEST calamari in the WORLD. It was so freshly cooked, and sooo good we HAD to order a second plate! We should have ordered the second plate sooner though because we ALMOST missed our ferry. The boss was super nice and told us there was a ferry before we ordered, and when we still decided to order, she was like, "OK we'll cook it really fast"!!!! AND boy, they delivered! LOL! The dish was piping hot! The batter was perfect - not too thick too! LOVE! I think we all thought that it was worth missing the ferry for... Hahahhahaha!!! And then obviously, we ran for the ferry and ALMOST missed it. But we made it back in one piece! Yay!

Back at IFC! Just window shopping again, and we visited this cafe where there were so many pretty tarts I had such a hard time choosing which to get hehe!

I think I got a pear tart or something? And an earl grey. Tarts were okay, expensive because, duh, we were at IFC...

You never know when the mobile softee truck is going to show up, so I'm glad we saw it on our way home!!! HAD to get (cheap) ice cream. Hehe! It was also the only time we saw the mobile softee truck too.

This was late dinner! Instant noodles with cheese or something and I got these buns with condensed milk. SO GOOD SO GOOD. I love condensed milk. Seriously makes everything better (also 10x sweeter though lol!)

And that was the end of day 3!!! It is also the end of the part 1 of the Cand goes to Hong Kong series! Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3, where we visit Ocean Park, The Peak, Dragon's Back, etc!!!! Can't wait to share the rest of the trip hehe!

XX, Cand

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