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Cand goes to Korea 2015: Day 6. Seoul - Gyeongbokgyung, Namsan Tower, EHwa University

Let's dive straight into day 6 of my 2015 Korea trip!!! Entries for the previous days of my trip are HERE

We covered the rest of the touristy spots in Seoul on Day 6! This included Gyeongbokgyung (the National Palace), Namsan Tower, and E Hwa Women's University. I remember it being a long day out, but definitely a fun one!!! 

First stop was Gyeong Bok Gyung (the National Palace), and I thought it was worth it hype! Although there were lots of tourists, as you can tell from the pictures, there were still places that were pretty much deserted! You had to walk around a little bit though, otherwise the nearby areas are mostly the common areas aka CROWDED with tourists!!! 

I loved the perfect juxtaposition of modern Seoul against the traditional palace gates!

See! If you walked a little bit more, you could find places like these... Basically empty, and simply screaming "photo opp"!!! I know, I'm so basic, but whatever... Who doesn't like a good background for a potentially nice photo?? Hehehe!

More empty grounds as we explored the palace! We didn't actually explore it that much, although it seemed like we did. We just managed to get around far enough to avoid the crowd. When we were in these areas, it was so quiet and especially easy to get soak in the grandeur that was the palace. 

Hi, just #posercand. We then left the palace and headed towards Namsan Tower! We had lunch around the area near the subway station. We just randomly walked into a place and simply ordered the stuff we saw in the pictures. I just love Korean food, so everything was yummy!!! Like I mentioned previously, I loved how we could just simply go to any food place and get nice food - just like that!

After lunch, we walked to Namsan Tower and then climbed up a little before getting there. We took the gondola up! We should have got some cheap locks before going up, because when you are up there, you'll definitely feel like hanging a lock. AND the locks are expensive (8,000won). You do get the marker, but its not like you get to keep it though... Bel and I got a lock because, why the hell not!!! LOL! And my mommy got some mirror, so random but she likes it lots!

Surrounded by locks!

Can't shut my mouth LOL!!!

We found a pretty good spot for the lock, with a pretty good view!

Here's what was written on the locks! Basically a bunch of hashtags and a date documenting our trip to Korea. Can't wait to be back!!! We love Korea (just like it says on the lock)! 

#b1b2inKorea - Long story short, think of the Bananas in Pyjamas. Bel's B2 and I'm obviously B2. Hehehe! It started out as a joke, but it caught on... #bananasforlife

So we decided to move our lock to somewhere with an even better view! LOL!!! Bel still has the keys I think, and we joked that if we ever fell out, she or I will come back and unlock the pad lock. Then trash it or something. We take these stuff seriously!!!!! LOL! 

The views from Namsan Tower! There was also this potato twistie store, but I have no idea why I don't have pictures of it... We ate lots! LOL

We headed to E Hwa Women's university and shopped around the area for a bit!!! Mostly cosmetics, did not buy much... Met Jin here and we headed off to eat dinner at a place she recommended!

This Korean-Italian fusion place was so good!!! The pizza was potato or something that was really yummy!!! And the pastas were good too!!!!!!! You can set the spicy level for the pastas, and you know, after living in Canada for so long, my ability to eat spicy food has gone down quite a bit. Unfortunately... So I didn't want or dare to go really spicy, but Isabel and mommy were down for spicy, and they ordered the Jjampong spaghetti in a spicier level! It was pretty spicy!!!!!!!!! But they finished it LOL! ANYWAY, typing about this is totally making me hungry right now... 

I'm gonna have sushi later with my roommates, so I guess I'll hold it out for now! Hahahaha

THIS was our freaking amazeballs dessert!!! My lovely Jin took the time to find this place because it had the best Bingsu! P.s. ALWAYS trust Jin. After walking around in Hongdae for a bit (we didn't shop or walk around too much there), we found it and holy crap. The ice was super super fine/crushed, I don't even know how to explain. Basically, I loved it! And the bread too! I have the worst memory, so I have no idea what these were called... But injeolmi flavoured or something? Yummy yummy!!! Bel and I went to another shaved iced place on the next day (day 7) and it wasn't the same........................

Thanks Jin for bringing us there!!! All these posts just really make me want to go back to Korea right now!!! I actually didn't shop as much as I thought I would in Korea. I think we barely got enough time to cover all the places we wanted to, which is why I WANNA GO BACK. For like 2 weeks maybe, just to hang and chill out - no rush, no touristy stuff!! Oh well, someday! Maybe 2017? I will make it a point to go back someday for sure! 

Stay tuned for the next post, which is also the last of the Cand in Korea series (day 7 & 8) :( Till then!!! See you!

XX, Cand

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