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Cand goes to Korea 2015: Day 7-8. Seoul - Garosugil, Style Nanda (Hongdae), Noryangjin, ICN-SIN


This is my last post on Korea! The last two days of the trip, I didn't take many pictures, so I only have these pictures! I certainly did wish I took more photos on these two days... My mommy was not feeling well, so she stayed home while Bel and I went out for a chill day. We just hung around Garosugil for brunch, and then headed to Hongdae, but basically only stayed in Style Nanda while we were there! LOLOL! And then at night, we went to Noryangjin! We wanted to meet my mommy and then head to Dong Dae Mun Plaza (DDP) night market, but it was too late, so we missed a chance for late night shopping. Quite bumped about it, should have planned (and kept to the plan) more strictly! The last day was really chill too, we finally went to DDM, but was disappointed, then met Jin and her mommy for dinner at this amazing place (more on this later)!!!!

Anyway, let's get started! We headed to this Cafe in Garosugil that Jin recommended us! Since we stayed in Garosugil, it was SO easy to get around everywhere!! Anyway, the cafe was really nice, and the bread they sold were SO good! I believed it was called Le Alaska! The whole shop smelled amazing... 

We ordered some sandwiches and a cup of iced tea that looked super cool (it's just ice)! Hahahahaha! Yummy!!!! 

Next stop was right near by, where we had "dessert". Basically, ice cream with candy floss!! At a place named Remicone - super cute ice cream designs! I loved them all, but we could only get one to share LOL! Can't be too greedy!!! (But do I ever learn my lesson?)

Here are just some of the ice cream flavours they have! The yellow and green ones were a collaboration with Maybelline I believe. So cute and creative!! Loved it! 

We chose this one - The Thunderbomb. The candy floss was minty and the ice cream was vanilla I believe, but what was special was the popping candy hiding underneath the candy floss, just sitting on top of the ice cream. It was a nice surprise, kinda like lightening sparks - goes with the whole "thunder" theme I guess! 

We went home after this to deliver a sandwich and some medicine to my poor mommy who wasn't feeling too well... 

Next stop was Hongdae, where we went purposefully for this store...

YEP. STYLE NANDA. Where do I even begin??? We were there for AT LEAST 2 full hours. I tried on a bunch of clothes and got a dress and a cardigan!!! I also got a whole bunch of makeup! I wished I took some pictures in the store - I thought I did, but I can't find them now :( I should have taken a pictures of the stuff I bought (in Korea) too! Most of the items were makeup products though!!! Koreans are so lucky to have so many affordable brands of makeup just hanging around EVERYWHERE!!! 

Anyway, after 2 hours at Style Nanda, we went to a dessert place near by to have shaved iced! It wasn't as good as the place Jin brought us to the day before!!! We went ahead to Lotte Mart after to do some FOOD shopping! Mostly kim (dried laver) for Isabel! I can't remember what I bought... I really should have taken pictures - am so pinching myself for not taking enough pictures!!!!!! 

After that, we headed to Noryangjin - it was so late already... We should have went earlier, I don't know what we were doing, just dilly and dallying throughout. SO BAD!!!

We definitely had to try the live octopus! And boy was it interesting! The sashimi was so fresh! We literally bought it from a place downstairs and the guy who owned the shop brought us to a restaurant for them to prepare it for us. We got a soup along with the sashimi! YUM YUM!!!

We wanted to head to DDP, but it was already very late. I still feel bad because my mommy didn't go out the whole day and she was looking forward to going to DDP. We should have just went anyway since it closes at like 6am or something. *insert crying face*

The next day, we did go to DDP. WHO the hell goes to DDP in the morning??? ERM US. Didn't find any good deals either, so a little waste of time. Plus there was a rude Korean ajumma... DAMN! Made me mad pissed. Mommy and Bel did some last minute mask shopping! 

Anyway, we headed to meet Jin and her mommy for dinner at this place far away! Everything was just so pretty here!!! Jin's mommy made a reservation, and it felt so exclusive and nice because by the looks of it only if you have a Korean friend who knows this place, then you would go there!!! Hehehe am I lucky or what?! I believe this is a place which serves traditional Korean food, in an extremely pretty setting! The food kept coming and it filled up the whole table. It was soooo good! But silly us, we stuffed ourselves with K BBQ for lunch before coming here, so we couldn't finish everything... #regret101 


With my dearest Jinny and her beautiful mommy! 

MORE FOOD! There was soup, plenty of side dishes, black sticky rice, spicy squid, etc! Jellyfish too I believe! 

Just a causal display of plates and cute ornaments! Hahahaha! 

This was the outside patio... HOW lovely!!! So pretty ♥.! A guy from the restaurant took some pictures for us!

A little bit slanted LOL

All of us looking so HAPPY AND FULL!!!!

Thank you Jinny for bringing us here! It was such a great experience. So nice meeting Jin's mommy too - the loveliest lady ♥ I am missing you both so much!!! 

We spent our last night back in MyeongDong for more shopping! We really spared nothing when it came down to shopping for cosmetics. My mommy and Isabel, more so than me! I think this trip to Korea was the trip that piqued my interest in cosmetics and skin care. Now I take pride in taking care of my skin... I started a little bit late and my skin is pretty shit, but at least I'm starting somewhere! LOL! #stayingpositive

The last day we woke up and received an email that our flight to Hong Kong was delayed by 4 hours, so we slept in for another 30 minutes before heading to the airport. We should have left earlier though, because we had to catch a connection in Hong Kong so they swapped us onto another carrier to make sure we could catch the connecting flight... This meant that there was no shopping at the airport and I think we were all pretty bummed out about it! LOL! 

The good side was that we flew with Thai Airways and got upgraded to Business class! It was a nice experience. I wished we got more time at the airport though... 

Conclusion: I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, and I can't wait for my trip back to Korea! I want to explore more places and stay there longer. There are still so many places I need to visit, and I did not spend enough time with Jin... But I will be definitely be back Korea!!! And I can't wait already! Hehehe

There are so many trips I want to take, so many countries I want to visit! Wanderlusting when I really should be studying! Hehehe #oops #sorrynotsorry. In the meanwhile, I will see you guys in my next post - Cand goes to Hong Kong!!! BRB!! 

XX, Cand

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