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Cand goes to Korea 2015: Day 5. Seoul - BukChon Hanok Village, Myeong Dong, Insadong

Hello earthlings!!! It's me again lol!

It is finally time to update the next one of my uncompleted travel series. This time its Korea!!! I have this bad habit of leaving my travel posts incomplete... I start them and then get too lazy to complete them. SO BAD!! LOL! BUT the point is I'm here now, trying to redeem myself. LOL... Anyway, previously, I completed days 1-4 of my Korea trip (Jeju-Seoul). Now let's go to day 5 of the trip - in Seoul, South Korea! Just a refresher, I was in Korea last summer, at the end of May with my mommy and best friend, Isabel.

The previous entries can be found HERE

We were very lucky with the weather in Seoul. Unlike Jeju, which rained on the only full day we had there, the weather for the rest of our Seoul trip was pretty much amazing! It got a lot hotter towards the end as well. On day 5, the weather was fantastic, and we decided to visit Bukchon Hanok Village. In this "village", which isn't really a village, there is a cluster of older, more traditional Korean houses. What I really liked about it was how the houses were so refreshing to see - so different and extremely culturally flavourful, in the midst of all the apartment and office buildings in central Seoul.

What I didn't like was how touristy the area has become. There were a lot of tourists, and some were loud and rowdy. It is also quite hard to take nice pictures with so many people in the background, so we had to wait for the right time when tour groups leave. Then it would be quiet and opportunities for pictures would present itself. LOLOL! The pictures below are mostly captured when there are few or almost no tourists! We had a hard time figuring out how to go about, but there are many information booths around - so no problem! 

LOL at my mommy hiding herself on the right!!! 


Selfies with my mommy!!!! She's so cute!!!

There were a few shops at the bottom of the village! They had pretty cute stuff, but if you're looking for cheap deals, this is not it for you!! There was a really cute accessories shop too, bought a few dainty rings there. They were really nice and pretty cheap (about 5,000 won?)!

My mommy and Isabel wanted to eat the ginseng chicken rice, so we went here! I know there's another one that's more famous in the area (and not so flashy LOL), but I didn't do my research, so we just somehow ended up here! The food was not bad!

Chicken was stuffed with rice! It didn't really leave too much of an impression on me - not bad, but not fantastic either. I think mommy and Bel probably enjoyed the meal more than I did! After this we headed to Myeongdong for some cosmetics shopping!!!!!! (EXCITING, EVEN THOUGH I'M TYPING THIS HALF A YEAR LATER)

View of Myeong Dong - Nature's Republic green wall!

All the Korean cosmetics brands imaginable can all be found here! There are not many other pictures other than these street ones below because we got very busy shopping after I snapped this pictures! LOL!

I love Olive Young! They carry a bunch of Korean brands and they had a little cafe upstairs where we hung out at for a while! We met Jinny here!! hehehe! I wish I could go back again!! (also LOL at the couple on the right of the picture!!! Hahahahahahah)

We took a bus and left for Insadong after our crazy cosmetics shopping! Of course Jin showed us how to take the bus (and was with us)! We would have never taken the bus if we weren't with her! LOLOL! Anyway, in Insadong, all the shops are named in Korean - see Starbucks in Korean 2 pictures down.


By then, we were pretty hungry and I remember just wandering into this place because we trusted food anywhere in Korea! LOL! I had my very first nyeng myung (cold noodles) and holy crap!!!!!!!! IT WAS SO GOOD! I loved the spicy buckwheat (I think??) noodles, which were a little chewy! I love!!!!! Just my style! hahahahah

Shortly after, my mommy got sucked into a touristy shop and bought some touristy stuff LOL! She bought some Korean looking cushion covers! And then we went to eat the famous J ice cream!!! Jin brought us there, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to find it! The shop had lots of these "stickers" thing - I think one of the older Korean "toys". Presumably, they are collectables now...

My Jinny!!!

Seoul by night... This is probably not the best picture representation of Seoul by night. LOL!

Convenience store shopping is always fun when the drink sections look so colourful! But ultimately, we got water and some triangular kimbaps (YUMMY!)... Traveling with two nurses made me feel healthier. LOL!

That was the abrupt end of day 5! I still have a few more days left from the Korea trip! I'm documenting my Korea trip day by day because we got a lot done each day! There would be too many pictures in one post, so I broke it down by days. Also, the trip was about half a year ago, which means so far, my memory isn't too bad! LOL. Okay, see you in the next post for day 6 of Seoul!

XX, Cand

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